Speedys - I went in a indian coveience store gave them a twenty dollar bill and they accused me of giving them

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i am very pissed off.i went into an indian convience store on sat.

to get a 5 dollar phone card in winter haven fla.the store is speedys food mart and laundramat.863291-3221 i gave the cashier a 20 dollar bill which ment she was suppose to give me fifteen dollars back she tries to tell me i gave her a ten so of course i called the winter haven police department they showed up the cashier refused in front of the officer to count the drawer back they also refused to pull ther cameras back reason for that they don't work none of them so the officer did absolutely nothing but pretty much told me that i was robbed by this indian and there was nothing i could do.so where is the justice for people who goes into these store and openingly get a bait and switch pulled on a customer .there is no justice and i hope the owner of the the store runs across this and knows i am not losing my money without a fight i9 hope compare to the the money u robbed me for god makes u lose triple that amount.and none of thes indian conveienc store are registered with any one they even spoof there store numbers

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